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Date is
Nov. 24th, 2013
41st Wuerzburg Mineral and Fossil Show
- anniversary show -
Locality: Parish center Heiligkreuz, Hartmannstraße 29, city quarter Zellerau

Opening: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Admission: Adults 2,- EURO, children free

Show manager,
application for exhibitors:
Mineralien- und Fossilienfreunde Wuerzburg
Richard Scheiner, Mittlere Gasse 4, 97854 Steinfeld-Hausen
Please first note ourup-to-date information for exhibitors.
Application form: pdf-document - fill out and print on your PC
Technical show manager: Mineralien- und Fossilienfreunde Wuerzburg
Gerhard Michel, Am Hoehberg 20, 97274 Leinach
Standard place: Price 20,- EURO incl. 100 watt lighting per running metre.
Premium place: Price 23,- EURO incl. 250 watt lighting per running metre.
  Prefered 3 running metre exhibition table.
Maximum 5 running metre exhibition table for new exhibitors.
Premium places for new exhibitors only restricted available.
More in ourshow statutes.
Restrictions in admission: Admited as exhibitors are only citizens of the European Union.
More in ourshow statutes.

Marketing for the show

Show tables Our show is announced in the leading collector journals of Germany:
- Lapis
- Sammler-Info (Mineralien-Welt)
- VFMG aktuell
- Fossilien
Regional press Our show will be announced in the leading daily paper of Lower Franconia by:
- previous notice with picture
- advertisement in event table
Media As in the previous years the show date will be given to the local wireless and television stations. In 2003 TV Touring reported in detail about our show.
Placardment In the region with
- poster and flyers distribution by our members

Exhibitor table

The participant exhibitors will be listed on the german version of this page.
For the exhibitor list visit theGerman version of this page.

Up-to-date information for exhibitors

On January 1st, 2013, the application to our show 2013 has started. The deadline for application is irrevocably April 30th, 2013. In beginning of May 2013 the taking part exhibitors will be determined from the applicants by the board of directors of the Mineral and Fossil Friends Wuerzburg in exclusion of the course of law. Not the order of incomming applications is decisive, but a good and interesting offer in minerals and fossils. New applicants with preponderate or exclusive juwellery or arts and crafts will not get a chance to take part.

Interested party reading this website are asked to download the application form, to fill it out and to send it back. For applicants from non european countries it is obligatory from this year on. We do not send any more application documents to non european contries by mail.

Direct ask for free selling space is not possible. After lapse for application free places and becoming free places will be given out to applicants in time and members of our society.


Show statutes

1. Application: Application requires use of the supplementedapplication form, exclusive mailed to the adress mentioned in the form. Deadline for application is April 30th each year.

Deadline for show 2013: April 30th, 2013.

Oral and formless applications and applications after April 30th each year will not be accepted.

Applications of exhibitors from states not belonging to the European Union will not be accepted from 2005 on.

Information: Previous year 31 exhibitor, about 550 visitors.

2. Admission: Admission and distribution of sales area are decided by the organizer in weigh up thereported mineral and fossil offer. Give out of sales area starts on end of the application period. Pretension on participation and sales area, even got admission in previous year, does not exist. Pretension on participation will be given with written acknowledgement by the organizer. Allocated places have to be taken one hour before opening the show. Otherwise the place can be distributed in another manner. Giving the sales space to further exhibitors is only possilbe with admission by the organizer.
3. Booth fee: Fee per running metre sales area (table) for the standard place is 20,- EURO, for the premium place is 23,- EURO, respectively including electric power. The respectively allowed electric power can be seen under6. lighting.

Established exceed of energy subscription leeds to subsequent payment of 5,- EURO per running metre on the show.

With admission you get an invoice for booth fee. Booth fee is to pay until September 30th in the current show year to the bank account of our club.

In case of non-payment of the booth fee the admission will expire. The sales area will newly be distributed by the organizer.

4. Resignation: The Resignation is to advice to the organizer in written way (to adress of organizer).

Does the exhibitor resign after giving out the admission till four weeks before the show the booth fee will be given back less charges of 5,- EURO.

Does the exhibitor resign later is the repayment of the booth fee only possible, when the place newly could be distributed. In this case the charge is 50 per cent of the booth fee.

5. Sales area design: The organizer makes available tables. Depth of a table is 70 cm (27.5 inch). The exhibitor has the duty to decorate table and front view with own means. Drive in of nails, paper-clips etc. in the tables and labeling of roughcast, papered or wood faces walls mit posters etc. is not allowed.

Deepening of the tables by the exhibitor on the inner side is tolerated as far as no other exhibitors will be hindered. A pretension on it does not exist.

Note: Deepening of the tables, even minor, are prohibited towards the visitor corridors; at the inner table rows can be an obstacle to the rear exhibitor's table at a depth greater than 80 cm been given.

The sales area is to sign with name and adress.

6. Lighting: From now on you have to decide. With a standard place 100 watt are allowed per running metre, with a premium place maximum 250 watt are allowed per running metre sales area. More powerful lighting is not more possilbe. The exceed of energy subscription will leed to subsequent payment on the show with higher amounts (see under3. selling space rental).

Example: With 3 m standard place are usable 300 watt electric power - not more.

Use prefered low voltage lightings or energy saving lightings. Extension cords and power outlets for further distribution are to bring along by the exhibitor. Cable reels have to be used only in completely run out condition. Electrical equipment must correspond to the german VDE regulations.

7. Building up and remove: For building up the hall is opened on sunday at 7 a.m. The building up should be finished until openig of the show.

Remove may not start before end of show. Remove should be finished till 8 p.m.

8. Waste and dust: Occuring waste and dust (rests of packings, food, empties of boxes and bottles) are to collect by the exhibitor and to deposit correctly.

The sales area is to leave after end of show in clean condition. Contravention will leed to subsequent payment of 20,- EURO.

9. Opening: The show is opened from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. for the public.
10. Admited articles to the show: Minerals and fossils, even gems and rocks, where adhesive, coloured, irradiated or otherwise changed articles are visible to sign; likewise reproductions of fossils. Poisonous and radio-active minerals are separate zu sign and proper to offer.

Jewellery and arts made form minerals and fossils, where the organizer limits the offer on 10 per cent of the total exhibition space. Rationing is done by the organizer, where a single share does not exceed 30 per cent on one selling space.

Literature and each tool, which is useful for determination, handling and preserving of minerals and fossils.

11. Not admited articles: The show management reserves not to admit different kind of articles. Not admited articles will be laid down each year; the exhibitors will get information.

Current list:

Arts, where minerals or fossils are subordinate parts (e. g. plants on minerals, prints and drawings on stones).

Synthetic products (power magnets, laser engravings in glass, etc.).

Non-fossil sea life (mussel and snail shells, corals, etc.).

Archeologic finds.

12. Running of technical tools: For the running of stone saws, grinding and polish machines, and set up of manual mineral opening machines the previous consent of the organizer is necessary.
13. Marking duty: All for sale and exchange offered minerals and fossils are clearly to sign with name and locality, all articles with price in EURO.
14. Event language: German. The visitor and customer has the right on information, especially quotation of prices, in german language. The exhibitor must have adequate knowledge of the german language.
15. Liability: The organizer does not take liability for exhibition articles and stock of the exhibitor. On occourance of damages the exhibitor renounces on compensation from organizer and hall hirer.

Note: The exhibitor must ensure that his exhibits is set up stable; a liability for unstable placed items will be excluded.

On falling out of the show each compensation for the exhibitor is excluded.

16. Customs and taxes: The exhibitor is self responsible for all customs and tax affairs.
17. Otherwise: With signing the application form the exhibitor accepts this show statutes and follows the organizers instructions. Act contrary can follow the immediate closeing of sales area and exclusion from further events.

Additional agreements are necessary to be written confirmed by the organizer.

As the exhibitor is professional merchant Wuerzburg is agreed as fulfill and judgement city.

18. Coming into force: This show statutes come into force on Jan. 1st, 2005.
19. Validity: The show statutes are valid for all shows of the Mineral and Fossil Friends Wuerzburg until recalled.

The legal invalidity of one or another paragraph of this statutes does not effect their complete invalidity.

In case of doubt the german version of our show statutes has priority.

Note: Italic texts are informative and current explanations to our show statues.

How to reach the show

Wuerzburg can be reached for exhibitors and guest via highway A 3 from Frankfort respectively Nuremberg, the highway A 7 from Fulda respectively Ulm, or the highway A 81 from Heilbronn and Stuttgart.
From Frankfort you leave the highway A 3 at the exits 67 Helmstadt or 69 Kist, from Heilbronn and Stuttgart the highway A 81 at exit 2 Gerchsheim. You drive via Höchberg to Wuerzburg.

After Höchberg keep on the the fourlaned road left and drive across the fortress hill towards city quarter Zellerau. At the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill turn left (Frankfurter Straße), after 200 metres stright into Wredestraße (Frankfurter Straße turns lightly left). Hartmannstraße is 200 metres foreward the second turning to the right. You reach the exhibition hall after 200 metres.

From Fulda you leave the highway A 7 at exit 101 Wuerzburg/Estenfeld and drive on the fourlaned federal road B 19 to Wuerzburg. At the Grainberg junction you use the right lane towards the center of the city.

From Nuremberg you leave the highway A 3 at exit 72 Rottendorf, from Ulm the highway A 7 at exit 103 Kitzingen. You use the federal road B 8 around Rottendorf to Wuerzburg. At the Grainberg junction keep on the right lane and use the right of the two left turning lanes.

From Grainberg junction use the right lane via the northern surrounding of Wuerzburg for about 3 kilometres and keep on the right lane, when the street divides in two single lanes in this direction. The right lane leads under the railway line towards the center. After the railway underpass keep right and drive over the following bridge over the river Main. 500 metres after the bridge turn to the right (Weißenburgstraße) at the great traffic lights crossing . Hartmannstraße is after 600 metres the second turn to the left. You find the exhibition hall after 50 metres on the right side.

Parking for exhibitors is on a hardground left beside the hall (access via Friedrichstraße).
Parking for visitors is around the hall (please observe neighbour parking regulations, as far as present).

City map 

How to reach the exhibition locality in Wuerzburg shows the city map:

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